The Whole30

The Whole30® is a health reset and learning experience designed to put you in tune with your one and only body. It’s a two-part experiment for you to experience the effect of food on your cravings, habits, and mental and physical health. The first part is the 30-day Elimination phase and the second part is the Reintroduction or Food Freedom phase. It can change the way you choose to eat for the rest of your life.

The Whole30 community is vibrant, knowledgeable, resourceful, and supportive. Most of the thousands of individuals who have been through the program are eager to share their transformational stories, recipes, habit hacks, as well as answer any questions you might have.

I have had such a positive experience with Whole30 that I find myself easily sharing when friends and family ask what brought about the transformation that they see in me. My son said, “Val, you look so much happier!” One of my daughters said, “Mom, you’re not wheezing.” Another daughter said, “You look different; almost unrecognizably so.” A few friends have shared that my skin looks so radiant. 

My Why for staying the course with Whole30, food freedom, and resets is two-fold. One is that I want to continue to be as healthy as I can be at this stage of my life and to reduce the chance of being affected by Alzheimer’s. Food is medicine. Whole30 is a sustainable way of living. I want others to know if I can do it, so can you! I’ve walked in their shoes.

The Whole30 philosophy aligns with my values and beliefs. I want to connect with like-minded positive people. I want to share the value of understanding and nurturing one’s body in order to feel and see non-scale victories. As a Whole30 Certified Coach, I look forward to having the opportunity to positively impact your life!

If so much information and support are available, you might ask yourself why you would want to hire a coach. As my sister said, “If they could have done it by themselves, they already would have.” 

It would be privileged to be your coach. I began coaching my Whole30 clients at least two weeks before their targeted start date. I have each client visit The Coaching Process page. All of my Whole30 clients are asked to watch a series of short videos called Setting the Stage for Success. The content of these videos includes critical background information and vocabulary about the brain, primitive responses, learning, habits, emotions, and self-regulation. With common terminology in place, it is much easier to provide support and scaffolding for you in your Whole30 journey. I also introduce my Whole30 clients to the Tiny Habits Method.

During the 30-day reset itself, I offer you targeted support and resources based on your personal needs. I provide compassionate, non-judgmental accountability to help you achieve a compliant outcome. You’ll also be given a set of my Sign Language for Whole30 Success cards! 

After two weeks of the Reintroduction phase, I will begin to taper our check-ins. I’d love to keep in touch to keep abreast of your Food Freedom journey! Please contact me to get started on your wellness journey!