Meet Val

Val McKinley

I love coaching! As a Behavior Change Specialist, my passionate purpose is interacting with and empowering people to create a life they want to live in. 

Life is all about our relationships. I believe the relationships we foster in the various areas of our lives, are at the heart of what matters—especially when it comes to leading a purpose-inspired life.  

In order to move from where you are now to where you want to be, it’s important to explore your relationships in the various areas: health status, nutrition, movement, time management, completing the tasks of daily living, clutter, mindset, and stress. 

Over the years, I have maintained my relationship with my core values, but have changed my relationship with comfort food, cigarettes, alcohol, previous personal relationships, and how I manage my time. I have truly created a life I love living!

All of my experiences have prepared me to help you live your best life and I would be privileged to be your coach.